DBR causing account Suspensions?
Anyone running DBRs... how are you 'protecting' your clients for having their HL number (Lead Connector) suspended for opt-outs? I have clients who have uploaded only 100 inactive customers (patients), bulk add to my DBR Workflow at 15 per day after warming up and HL still suspends their number... no notifications, nothing- number is just gone.
Blows my mind that a client can follow the rules and because end-users hit 'STOP', they literally pull their number. I serve doctors.. real businesses with real patients and it's insane that HL can just turn their number off so they cant even text their active patients.
Any workarounds or solutions? I have all the 'verifications' checked, etc but have more than a handful of upset docs quitting because 'I have caused issues with their patient relationships'?
David Jackson
DBR causing account Suspensions?
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