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I'm Certified!
I just wanted to share that I'm officially "Certified" as a Fingerprinting Expert!😄 Thank you Fingerprinting Class Certificate Program. I highly recommend this FPC to anyone who is ready to start or add fingerprinting services to your business.
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My Win!
Hello everyone, I'm excited to be here! I purchased the FPCC on 2/9, I've already taken the test and is waiting to be approved for the certificate. I just want to say that this is one of the best investments that I've come across. Just last week Dan encouraged me to go ahead and add an Ink Card Fingerprinting page to my existing website. I did complete that and would like any feedback, thanks. I'm not tech savvy so now I need to add the fingerprinting category to my GMB page and then Lord willing, I will start to receive texts for Ink Card Fingerprinting Appointments. I think I'll word it as, walk-ins are welcome. Thanks community and admin team for your support. I will keep you'll posted with what's to come😄
Ready to go get it
Just finished the crash course. Making my to do list now for tomorrow!!
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Missed class
Is there a recorded version no missed my class due to an emergency
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We ready.
Good morning, I'm done. Certified and ready to get started.
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How to start a fingerprinting business information for those looking to be an early mover in an emerging market.
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