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Bootcamp 🔥🔥
This bootcamp is on fire right now If you were considering the bootcamp Comment below the word “Waitlist” We’ll put you on the list for April’s classes! P.S - We only take a certain amount of students every class ✅
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Sheisty People crack me up.
Several weeks back a gentleman who has a notary/fingerprint business near New York City contacted me & explained that he's been getting phone calls from people in my area for fingerprints & wanted to know if he could just send them to me because his offices are too far away. So I said sure & he's sent me a few people not all of them booked appointments. So the other day he said he'd be here & wanted to meet with me just to chat & put a face with a name. I met with him & he brings up the subject of him forwarding people to me & wanted 15% 🤦🏿‍♀️👏🏾🤣👏🏾🤣of the invoice paid for the appointment. I think the look on my face said what my mouth didn't. He said he would draw up a contract for his agreement & I said ok, I'll take a look at the contract. Now my question is: am I crazy for thinking his out of his mind for thinking he is entitled to 15% of what I earned because he referred people to me? My time, gas & supplies. He said something about his original Google business account was done in some agent that is here & used their address so that's why he's getting all those calls. Oh yeah & when I met with him he had my business info up on his computer as of he was analyzing my business. It was weird to me but when people see you as their "competition" they also see you as their enemy. I've never been one to compete with anyone except myself & I focus on myself so the next person I don't even see at all. #ImInMyOwnLane 😉 What are your thoughts on this?
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Hey guys, so I’m looking for new ways to gain more customer traction I want to hear from you guys. What are your marketing strategies?
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