Q&A calls paused for a now
Hey Workshoppers!
Happy new year!!
After a good, long holiday break, the AJ&Smart team and I have decided to pause doing the weekly Q&A calls in this community. Though we LOOOOVE doing them and they've been super fun, we're just too small of a team to keep up the call schedule here and the more intense call schedule in our Workshopper Master community.
Over the last few months we've slowly increased the amount of calls we do in that community (practice sessions, marketing sessions etc) and we've simply run out of people in AJ&Smart who are not already in coaching sessions or doing client work!
We're going to now rethink how we can still bring some free "live" value to the FC community while also making sure we don't stretch ourselves too thin.
We'll still be contributing and moderating this community though, so looking forward to continuing our chats here.
Jonathan Courtney
Q&A calls paused for a now
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