Believe In The Power Of Your Message

I am a passionate advocate for sustainable business growth. Virtually no company operating on this planet is fully sustainable. In this community, the emphasis is on economic success, as it should be for a business. But I also believe that this success should not come at the expense of sustaining life on Earth.

I don't see any conflict between these two objectives, economic growth, and growing the things that support life on Earth. Unfortunately, for almost all businesses, this is not yet a truism. Most businesses have unintended and unsustainable consequences from conducting their business and that's also true in the contentpreneurship world and in e-commerce generally.

I was the opening keynote speaker at an industry trade association Sustainability Summit yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to get several conference attendees to take the time to seek me out in a break and compliment me on my presentation.

I think we deserve to occasionally give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. As solopreneurs, we don't always get this encouragement to soldier on and make a positive difference in the world.

So, my message today is to believe in the power of your content, and your message. Keep pushing on.


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