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CLOSED: $1,000 Giveaway.
Edit: The winner this round was 🎉 He got the most people into his free community.
I will be Zoom interviewing him next week to see how he did it!
Nobody entered/won the paid members category...
Original post:
This November, we're giving away $1,000 to celebrate getting 2,000 members here on Skool 🥳
We're hosting a Community Growth Challenge!
There is 1 way to win:
1) Get as many free members into your free Skool community as you can. Whoever grows by the most free members wins $1,000.
Here's how to enter:
1) Post a screenshot below of how many members you have on or before November 1st... Then post another screenshot on December 1st.
Whoever sees the most growth by December 1st wins.
If you want personal, private 1:1 help setting up your community on Skool so you're properly set up with the right strategy in place to win, send me a DM with the word SKOOL and we'll hop on and set you up.
1) Your community topic must meet the Skool terms and conditions (ie. No illegal stuff!)
Any questions?
Comment below! 👇
Want me to host a workshop showing you how I'd win if I was going to enter?
Comment WORKSHOP below and I'll host it for you.
Earn $10,000/month with your own Skool community using our insanely simple system for Contentpreneurs. This community is free to join 🥳
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