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🚀 No-Code Architects Community Live June 1st @ 2pm
I’m doing a "pre-launch" for the No-Code Architects on Saturday June 1st.
Become a founding member and lock in a lower subscription for life and help shape the community.
Membership fees will increase at 25, 50 and 75 members. Memberships start at $25, $50 then $75 respectively.
On July 1st it’ll move to $100/month.
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I plan to pour my 30+ years of experience of building software related businesses into the group.
I've generated $100K+ in less than 2 months with the release of KEDB Extreme. With a ~95% profit margin and only a few sales calls.
I will have some content when I launch, but it will be limited. I'll release a more detailed roadmap shortly.
The pre-launch phase in June will be primary focused on:
  • Learning what people would like to build and their struggles
  • Building a die hard group of founding members to help each other
  • Meeting people on the weekly calls to discuss the goals in more detail (tech support)
  • Daily journaling around how I build/sell KEDB
Weekly calls will start next week. Time/date to be released shortly.
Then over June, July, Aug and September I’ll fill out the classroom with more courses, demos and template automations to support the group.
Any questions or details you'd like to know? Let me know in the 🗣️ comments.
Here’s what you’ll find on the about page for the No-Code Architects!
Pre-launch 🚀 Lock in your membership (price goes up after 25, 50 and 75 founding members).
Join the only community where you can learn how to use automation, AI and viral content to grow a software product.
Who's this for?
→ Coaches and consultants–sell tech solutions with your coaching offers
→ Micro SaaS Startup Founders—build a profitable tech startup without funding
→ Automation and AI consultants—package and sell solutions to common client problems
What do you get:
✅ Tools and trainings
✅ A template library
✅ A peer network
✅ Expert workshops
➕ Access to me in weekly Q+A calls (30+ years in tech, business and 90K+ followers)
➕ Daily posts of how I'm building and promoting a $5K automation and AI product
✨ BONUS—The full story, the ups and down of building KEDB (my product)
✨ BONUS—Weekly Amazon gift cards for helping others
Basic and advanced techniques to build 🏆 PRACTICAL and sell 💰 PROFITABLE products.
Don't get left behind—join a community of AI entrepreneurs to keep up with the trends.
Stephen G. Pope
🚀 No-Code Architects Community Live June 1st @ 2pm
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