Magnetic Scripting: The Perfect Script Structure For Your Video Content (Long-form & Short Form)
What is the best way to structure a script that does the following?
1- Strategically hooks the audience in without sounding pushy or desperate
2- Retains the audience to watch the entirety of the video
3- And finally converts a high percentage of the audience to actually stick around and follow you
After analyzing countless hours of videos and doing deep dives into their structure I found the perfect formula that works for me.
Here Are The Steps You Need To Follow:
1- Hook- The hooks job is to breed curiosity into the viewer. An effective way of doing this is asking a question your target audience wants to know the answer to.
Fitness Example:
How you can eat any food you want without gaining weight?
Another way is to create a list that addresses your target markets desire.
Creator Example:
Here are 3 ways to edit your videos for maximum viewer retention
2-Retain- Retention is not only to keep the audience watching but at its root should educate, entertain or inspire the audience based on which style you’re choosing. A really effective way of doing this is to structure your script with
1- Lists
2- Tell stories
3- Create Steps
  • This works because the full payoff doesn’t come to the end with these formats
3-Reward-The reward is actually fulfilling the claim that the hook made. The person should feel like they really got something from the content you made.
Pro tip: DON’T BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE (give a unique perspective)
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Yechiel Cohen
Magnetic Scripting: The Perfect Script Structure For Your Video Content (Long-form & Short Form)
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