How To Become Extremely Confident (I Went From Making $0 To $2,300,000 In Sales In 19 Months)
In 2020 I was broke and owed my parents $1000 after trying to start a business.
I had to drop my ego and apply for a job.
I sent over 60 applications and got one in a media business in a sales position.
The first 3 months were brutal.
I made over 500 cold calls and made zero sales.
I got rejected left and right until it became the norm.
My confidence was low and I started to doubt myself.
I was on the verge of being fired.
I had to change my situation, or things would get very bad quickly.
In desperation, I searched for a solution.
As I was searching, I realized that I had the solution at my fingertips the whole time.
But I couldn’t see it.
Because I was lost in the daily grind of making my first sale.
I forgot what I learned in being deep into personal development since 2016.
I got reminded of the power of mindset but somehow forgot to use it in making sales.
I went back to the mindset programs that I’ve invested in back then.
And looked at my notes.
“Reframing! Exactly!”
How could I miss techniques like that?
Before that realization, whenever I didn’t make a sale, I doubted myself more.
Because I let my negative thoughts dictate what not making a sale meant.
Instead, I started to use the reframing technique in every sales situation.
From there, I still got rejected on some deals, but things started to change quickly.
Now not making a sale meant “This is good feedback. I’ll get better at sales. I’ll close big deals soon.”
At first, it felt weird saying things like that in my mind.
But I was committed to changing my mindset.
And honestly, I had no choice because I was forced to change.
And it worked.
Just as the 3rd month was about to end, I made my first sale.
I broke through a big limitation in my mind.
From there, I stopped doubting myself as much.
And started gaining confidence.
Did more outreach.
Did more meetings.
I made more offers.
Closed more deals.
One month later, I made my first $50,000 sale.
Then the sales started pouring in.
Another $50,000 deal.
More confidence.
Another $50,000 deal.
Now it was the standard.
I got stuck at the $50,000 sales limit for a couple of months.
I knew that it was a limitation in my mind.
New level, new devil they say.
I had to reframe the situation to stack the decks in my favor again.
And with massive action, the results will come in time.
Because I had absolute evidence that doing mindset work is not “whoo whoo” stuff.
I was living proof and no one could deny my experience.
It works, as long as I do the work.
My formula was: take action + get feedback + reframe + take action + repetition = results.
Because 80% of business is mental.
And 20% is strategy and tactics.
After 9 months of closing “only” below $50,000 deals, the hard work paid off.
I made a $120,000 sale.
2 weeks later I made a $100,000 sale with the potential to go to $500,000.
It felt unreal.
I couldn’t recognize myself.
I became extremely confident.
I suffered from low confidence and could not make a sale even if my life depended on it.
19 months later I generated over $2,300,000 in sales.
I’m not saying this to brag in any way.
I took massive action despite not feeling confident most time.
I probably made over 3500 outreaches.
Countless cold calls.
Still, 90% of my offers were rejected.
But I reframed every sales situation to set my mind in the right direction.
I’ve been studying and applying self-mastery since 2016 and knew about the power of controlling your mind.
Once you have the right business tactics and strategies, it just comes down to execution.
And 80% of this business game is mindset.
I’m not here to convince you that most business problems come down to mindset.
You have to convince yourself.
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I appreciate you for reading this post.
Hamzah Salim
How To Become Extremely Confident (I Went From Making $0 To $2,300,000 In Sales In 19 Months)
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