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How Managing Your Energy Instead Of Your Time Will 10x Your Business
If you want to grow your business, stop managing your time.
Manage your energy instead.
Have you ever had time to do an important project but no energy?
So, what was the point of having all of this time when you can’t use it to grow your business?
Think about old people for a moment.
They usually have a lot of free time.
But what they lack is the energy to make the most out of their time.
Same in your business – you can have all the time in the world, but it is useless if you don’t have the energy to do the things that grow your business.
The better mental model is to think of your energy levels, instead of how much time you have.
When I started to plan my days around my energy levels, my productivity tripled.
I tend to be most productive between 6am - 12pm.
This is where I feel I have the most brain power during the day.
Now, yours could be different.
But for most entrepreneurs, it is around late mornings till lunch.
If you want to get the most out of your days as an entrepreneur, block 4h for your most important tasks.
This is how 99% of the most successful entrepreneurs do.
It only takes four focused hours to get more done than most entrepreneurs in a week.
I’m not exaggerating.
It’s not about how much you get done, it is about what you get done.
When I started off in my YouTube journey, I used to operate from the old paradigm of time management.
So I would plan my days around how much time I had left to produce one YouTube video.
I followed best practices in productivity and broke up the project into smaller tasks.
Researching ideas, writing the script, filming the video, editing the video, making the thumbnail, and then uploading the video.
And then I would start executing the tasks.
But then something strange happened.
I realized that each task would not only take a different time but also energy.
For example, coming up with the idea and writing an outline for the video would take more mental energy than filming the video.
With that realization, I optimized my workflow around my energy levels.
So I used the times when I had most of my mental energy (6am-12pm) for tasks like ideation and writing.
Because those tasks took a lot of brain power.
I bulked my mornings for ideation and writing.
When I did this, I could usually write 3-4 videos in 4 hours.
When I finished, I still had half of the day left.
And 3-4 YouTube videos ready to film which was strange.
In the afternoons, I would record 3, sometimes even 4 videos.
I went from barely producing 1 YouTube video a week to being able to produce 3 YouTube videos in a day.
That’s the power of managing your energy levels instead of your time as an entrepreneur.
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Hamzah Salim
How Managing Your Energy Instead Of Your Time Will 10x Your Business
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