Creative Content Library πŸ“š and Database πŸ’½

We're launching a new tool (internally) and thought maybe everyone would like access to it.

In a nutshellβ€”it's a library of creative content that can be used for inspiration to create, produce, and distribute more content for yourself. I'm using Airtable to capture everything β†’ LOOK HERE.

Why? We want to grow and create better content at higher volumes (easily). So we needed something to help us capture what we wanted to create and a way to document how to create it. Then our team could execute it.

I've only added a few different pieces of content so far, the obvious stuff. But we'll start to add a lot more shortly as we document the creative stuff we'd like to try to help grow the business.

We've been looking at a lot of successful creators and documenting some of their tactics.

A couple of examples are...

  • The "Gary Vee" which represents taking long-form videos and breaking them into clips.
  • The famous "Twitter Pic" where people repurpose Twitter posts into images for other platforms.

I've also added a few typical production workflows, like Podcast, Live show etc.

Check it out HERE.

Like the idea? comment "useful" in the comments so I know who you are!

I may add it to the "Classroom" too.


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