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Are You Making This HUGE Mistake With Your Business?
It's a funny clip so watch it, but I see this all too often (and it's not all that funny to the person suffering).
And I've done it myself, so you're not alone.
Actually, after I sold my previous company I did this (or some form of it).
I call it—Imaginary business building.
The website, the tagline, the chatbot.
Oh, and don't forget the business cards....
But NO business.
Everyone can see it but you.
I have a client, a 40 person content team doing $100K/month and they JUST started to build their website.
Yet people with no business, spend hours and hours and hours building things that no customer will ever see.
And if they do, they won't really even understand what you do.
Sell first, get customers first.
Come up with an idea.
Grab your phone, call a few people you know. Make some content.
Have a Calendly link to book calls.
Sell some stuff on those calls.
That's all you need to be doing when you're starting out.
P.S this is exactly what I'm going to be helping people with in my new community the No-code Rebels (with regard to automation and AI businesses)!
Stephen G. Pope
Are You Making This HUGE Mistake With Your Business?
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