Airtable's CEO talking to Journalists (5 Years Ago!)
Gosh...I feel like people doing business these days are sleeping on the fact that everyone is a "mass media company" if you want distribution = traffic and leads = sales.
The issue is all these gurus telling people to start a business it's "easy" are still speaking the language of 20 years ago. A few years after google started do you know there were only approx 100,000 websites indexed?
Now there are billions!
With AI "pretty good" content is being distributed daily in the BILLIONS!
The implication here is that everyone signing up to use the internet for business is signing up to be a media company (Gary V's famous quote comes to mind: "Everyone is a media business").
The old way 99.99% of SMBs are doing things - files all over the place locally, disorganization in cloud storage (most people don't know how to run queries on a database let alone store content in a database), still using email for partial file storage (ever search around for 30 mins for an image or file you *knew* someone sent you last week).
Not only are things are over the place, it's complex to pass all that first party data between different applications so they can talk to it like an integrated whole.
Just thinking out loud here and wondering who all else (besides Stephen!) has had this aha?
Here's the link:
S Barbara Abidoye
Airtable's CEO talking to Journalists (5 Years Ago!)
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