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He quit his job to become a full-time artist at 40 years old…
@Jed Dorsey founded Acrylic University, an online Skool that helps people reconnect with their dream of becoming an artist. In this episode, we talk about: - Having the courage to quit his job to pursue art - How getting featured in a TV show made him go viral - (At a time when he had no paintings to sell!) - The difference between a craftsman and a businessman - Spending 6-months recording his first course - (Only to re-do it after getting feedback from customers!) - Why he STOPS people from joining his Skool most of the year - And how teaching others makes him a better artist Check it out. Jed's Skool:
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🥳 That First Stripe Payout Notification 🥳
Oh what a wonderful feeling! 🤗 💸💸💸💸 Small but mighty! 💥🤩🚀
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Beginners Guide to Skool Meta Ads (3.5+ Hours)
In this free mini course I’ll show you how to run Meta ads profitably to your Skool community. This is how I’m currently generating leads for $2 & sales for ~$55 with a 2x+ ROAS. Here’s what I’ll show you: - The overall game plan & strategy - How to optimize your Skool about page for conversions - How to setup the Meta Business Manager - How to integrate your Skool community to Meta & CRM Hopefully this training will help you crush it with Meta Ads. Let me know if you have any questions below :))
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Community as a Game
I'm launching a community where you can compete in a Survivor-style competition and win cash prizes. How it works: 1. Players sign up for $1 2. Every day players post content to earn reputation 3. At the end of every day there's a poll where players vote to remove a player (or multiple votes if needed) 4. Whoever receives the most votes gets kicked from the community 5. The remaining players continue in this fashion every day until there are 2 players remaining 6. At this point the players who were eliminated vote to select the winner 7. The winner gets everyone else's buy-in First game starts on 6/1!
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🚩Red flags 🚩
Currently on a plane. The guy next to me is biting his toe nails. It got me thinking... What are some DIGITAL red flags you've learned to stay away from? Things people do ONLINE that make you wanna stay away/not let them into your community? 👇 I'll go first 👇
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