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Will there be any updates allowing us to customise the platform with our own colour schemes or any other design customisation? The current cover photo is very small and there is virtually no way of tailoring the design to appeal to different audiences. The practice I teach is related to sleep and meditation and my students are using the platform at nighttime, so at least having a Dark Mode would make a big difference for me. But if we can also customise the design (I would like to have a more spiritual vibe) then that would make it a lot easier to justify having everything in one place and not needing to have the video course in on a separate (customisable) platform.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Florentin Ionita
New comment Mar 22
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Great thank you. Do you think this will be a priority or something far in the future? I imagine dark mode would be a priority for most people? And I currently have a version of my course in both Wix and ClickFunnels.

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    But only within a browser? Need a way to make it more conveniently accessible for my students. Like an app.

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    Sounds good thank you guys

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