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The weird way I use Skool (I think it's pretty powerful)
Hey all.
I've started using Skool as a front-end marketing group instead of a back-end product group. Is anyone else doing this?
Attached is the model I'm using.
The key differences to the model most in here use:
  • No ads
  • No direct outreach
  • No sales tactics
  • No content treadmill
  • Focus on audience building (specifically YouTube)
  • Focus on community
  • Using Skool as a marketing community, not product community
I ran the new model past Sam and he said he liked it! I also asked for permission to post this here and he said yes.
I think this new model is a game-changer for getting to $100k/m profit.
I know it's quite difficult to get the full picture from the image, so if you need more info then just comment "Loom" and I'll send you a Loom fully explaining the model.
Hope it helps.
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