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Skool VS the Competitors (How do Determine if Skool is Right for YOU)
I make about $10,000/m with my $47/month Skool membership so I get DM'd a lot on here with people asking me "how does Skool compare to <another platform>? I'm not sure if I should use Skool or something else."
My response to these DM's is always the same.
I've tried all the competitors (Mighty Networks, Kajabi, Podia, Circle), and I now use Skool because it has everything I need, and nothing I don't.
But to determine if Skool is right for YOU, you need to ask yourself:
"What do I absolutely NEED in a platform?"
And if Skool has those things you say you need, then use it.
For me, I need:
Simplicity ✅
A community forum ✅
A place to put my video courses that show progress ✅
A place to promote my live coaching calls ✅
A place to put my recorded coaching callas ✅
A way to DM members ✅
A way to email all members ✅
Lightning fast page loads ✅
Because Skool has these things, without a ton of other FLUFF, I use it, and I love it.
❌ Would a Skool mobile app be nice? Yes but...
The mobile desktop version works perfectly fine for me & my clients. ✅
❌ Would the ability to white label Skool be nice? Yes but...
It doesn't make or break anything for me or my clients. ✅
❌ Would the ability to go live inside Skool be nice? Yes but...
Going live on Zoom using Skool's calendar feature works just as well for me & my clients. ✅
Skool is also very new, and with more feedback from users like you, it will improve as times goes on.
If you'd like help setting up or growing your Skool community from scratch, send me a DM w the word SKOOL and I'll answer any Q's you have :)
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