💰Sales with Skool /w No Sales Calls (📚Classroom Setup)
Hey Guys,
I made a quick video detailing my Skool Classroom setup that sells products without sales calls.
I talk about:
  • My philosophy around public vs private groups
  • My philosophy around using 1 group for free + paid members
  • Why the first 2 courses in your classroom are critical for success
  • How people can learn about my paid products (compare and buy them WITHOUT talking to me)
  • Why I have a totally public free course (and how I built it)
  • How I built the other free courses without working more
  • How not to overwhelm yourself as you build this out
Here is the video → CLICK HERE
If you like this video have a couple of others you should watch.
Hope all this helps let me know if you have any questions.
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