More automated DM triggers (increase client retention)
Hey & Team,
I’d love the see a function where we can not only send 1 automated message when new members join the community, but also be able to set automated triggers.
I think this will help a lot with the client retention.
For example,
When people join they now get an automated message from our community manager, but that’s the only thing we can currently automate.
I’d love to be able to do things like this:
  • Send a message the 2nd and 3rd time they login, to “indoctrinate” them to ask for support when needed and make them feel seen as much as possible.
  • Setup a rule where based on the latest activity of the community member we can send messages to reel them back in and nearly force them to come back. If somebody has not logged on for X amount of days, I want to send Y message to them. 
We currently have our CSM team do this manually, so a trigger would help a lot!
I know that the team at Hyros have complete dashboard based on the activity and they can track the drop-off based on activity levels. Now I understand that that is a bit much for the average Joe Schmo like me, but I think this would be a great add-on to the platform from a retention perspective.
Keep crushing.
Franck Koomen
More automated DM triggers (increase client retention)
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