Let Us Unlock Courses/Modules Based on Progress (Please 🙏)
As an admin, I'd love to be able to set up my classroom so that certain courses/modules get unlocked based on a persons previous lesson completion AKA progress.
Sure, people could 'cheat' and just click 'mark as done' on all the modules to unlock stuff faster, but this would still prevent people from:
A) Skipping ahead so easily (& thus getting overwhelmed)
B) Complaining about not having enough "likes" to get to the level 3+
C) Complaining about not wanting to wait X amount of days to access something (especially if they're extremely motivated and want to spend 5 hours in a day going through course material)
I've helped nearly 100 people set up their Skool communities from scratch and at least 20 of them have asked me for this feature... So it's definitely a much wanted feature.
Thanks Team
I would LOVE this!
I would not use this.
I'm confused...
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