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How I use Skool
I have 3 Skool groups.
1- Free Group: this is where people can join for free and learn how to trade futures. How I filled this group by promoting it through my social media platforms and now people are adding their friends and so on. This is a self service group. I use this group to promote my LTO algo they need to trade with.
2- LTO group. I sell an algo people need to trade. So when they purchase it they get added to this group. We offer live trading together and a private chat group via telegram (Skool needs a chatroom feature with live notifications) This group I start to help people replace their income and become full time traders. I hand pick people to join the next group.
3- The Mastermind: this group is all about harmony and accountability. We have a system that tracks daily trading and performance and we hold each other capable and accountable daily. This group is a very tight group. 100 people max. 30k a year to be a part of this group.
The main thing is to create a place where people feel supported and valued. 💯
Roman Pearl
How I use Skool
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