How a Skool entrepreneur can earn $100K per year
Here are five diversified income models using Skool that could generate an annual revenue of $100,000 broken down:
- As an affiliate, 215 referred, 40% recurring at $39 per month
- Niche community (no course), w/ group calls, 215 at $39 per month
- 40 course members who each quarter pay you $625 each
- 10 sales per day of any membership offer at $27 each
- 10 hours of work per week of a DFY/DWY consulting offer at $195 per hour
- 2 sales per day of your self-study course offer w/ group calls at $135 each
- 2 sales a month of a DWY course/group offer at $5000 each
When you see the numbers like this it looks more achievable, and none of these income models require any major upfront investment and can all be managed by one person.
Focus on maximizing one income model before adding another.
Which one would you start building?
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