Facebook is Questionable for Communities
Just another good reason to be vigilant.
If you are running your courses, communities, workshops, lives inside Facebook groups, your business foundation is currently sitting on top of a sand castle.
I keep saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket unless is Easter”
But jokes aside, depending entirely on a social media platform that you have zero control over, and could lose your profile for any reason at any time, is always devastating.
Ask me how I know! I got hacked 2 times so far and lost over 17k followers overnight.
What if your account gets hacked or shut down? Which has happened to me twice.
Everything is blown away.
And then there are always constant Facebook updates, like the changes to the API to Facebook groups potentially affecting many third party tools could put people into potential devastation for many reasons.
Whilst it is still unclear from meta how developers can or cannot redevelop group connections after they announced that the Facebook groups api is changing (api isnt the only way of connecting), this change shows us yet again how important it is that you never rely on social media to run your business.
We will never own social media, because social media owns us.
The only thing we own is our email data base.
So here is something to think about:
If you are running courses, memberships, programs, challenges or training of any kind, you really should have it on a proper course platform.
This gives you full control and reduces all kinds of risks.
You can communicate with your customers from a CRM and course platform via sms, email, messenger and more.
Most importantly you are building your assets in a platform you are in charge of - not one that could be shut down or cut off without notice.
This is why you should have a plan B if you are entirely dependable on Facebook.
And this is why I removed all my assets, courses and accessibility to me from Facebook and found a new home inside Skool..
Have a read and make wise choices.
Claudia Karba
Facebook is Questionable for Communities
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