2024 Goal = #1 Group On Skool πŸš€

I was looking at the Skool group directory I found and saw that my group was #4 (see below)

And weirdly enough, that inspired me to create this post documenting my journey on Skool.

After scaling a free group funnel on Discord to $75k/mo in 2022 @Eddie Cumberbatch and I decided to go all in on a free Skool funnel.

The current free Skool funnel strategy is linked below.

So I have 3 goals to accomplish in 2024:

  1. Become the #1 group on Skool
  2. Scale our free Skool funnel to $200,000/mo
  3. Meet @Sam Ovens and the team in person using the level ups from this post

Watch me accomplish my goals over the next 12 months πŸ‘‡

P.S. Plz like this post so I can level up for goal #3 🫑



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