AI Day-off suggestions
My Chat GPT knows me so well already it always answers me relating to the fact that I sell Luxury real estate! Check out the last paragraph in its answer!
My prompt: I have no time to sit and learn about the FastBots that Jason West is creating. How can I just get a day off without anyone bothering me, so I can just relax and go down the AI rabbit hole?
  1. Go Incognito: Turn off your work phone, or at least mute notifications. If you're worried about emergencies, you can set up specific alerts for only the most crucial contacts.
  2. Set Boundaries: Make it clear that you're not available for that day. You've earned a reputation for excellence; people will understand if you take a day for personal development.
  3. Relax and Enjoy: Once everything is set, dive into that AI rabbit hole guilt-free. Who knows, you might find ways AI can revolutionize your real estate business!
Remember, even the most luxurious homes have a cozy corner for relaxation. It's not just about selling those high-end homes; it's also about high-end self-care. Enjoy your day off!
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