WEEK FIVE of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
This week, we are talking about befriending ADHD and anxiety, full circle moments that showcase the beauty of elevating our awareness and consciousness, and how comparison is a problem when it comes to relieving our suffering. After watching the week 5 video HERE, please answer and share about the following:
  1. I read this excerpt from the book during the video:
"Before I started regulating my nervous system and elevating my consciousness, working on goals came at the cost of feeling exhausted and void of my inner peace. It also came with a nice helping of self-judgment, criticism and really being hard on myself. I would take on too much, be a captive to my to-do list, and wouldn’t allow myself to slow down, pause, or relax. So even though I achieved some pretty amazing things before I knew it was running my programming, the outcomes of my achievements commonly failed to align with my values and fulfill me."
✨Are there things that you've accomplished or times in your life that felt like this? If so, please share about them.✨
  1. I also shared about how comparison is the thief of joy, and how all of our suffering deserves to be voiced and moved. I used the story about what my grandparents used to stay with me and talk about the starving children in Ethiopia. ✨Think of some times from your past that may have become programming in your current mindset. What are they? When do they come up for you?✨
  1. Select a Tapping session from The Private Sessions resource that will help you to address a feeling that came up from one of the previous questions, and tap it out! ✨Share which session you chose, and what transpired as you did the work.✨
Theresa Lear Levine
WEEK FIVE of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
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