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Welcome! 🎉

I'm Theresa and I am an EFT master practitioner, Hypnotherapist & law of attraction mindset coach. I help ADHD Entrepreneurial moms and professional women to Cultivate Calm, Clarity, and Confidence so they can live their best lives without anxiety & overwhelm.

What happens here?

✍️ Elevate your Consciousness, Reframe Past Events, and Shift your Perspective

🥳 Call your Vision, Goals, and Desires into Physical Existence and Celebrate it!

🤓 Release Trauma, Limiting Beliefs, Energetic Blocks, Bothersome Memories, and Subconscious Programming

👯‍♀️ Gain a Better Understanding of ADHD and High-Functioning Anxiety so that you can Leverage them for Success

💪 Reconnect with your Intuitive Reliance and Improve your Overall Self-Trust

💖 Make Quantum Leaps into Feeling More Embodied, Present, and Grounded

And SO much MORE!

Le'ts Release the Negative, Elevate the Positive, and Become More of Who You’ve Been Called to be in this World! Together!

Public group

Helping Professional Women Reclaim Their Power, Abundance, Peace, Pleasure, Self-Trust & Work/Life Balance without Resistance, Anxiety & Overwhelm!

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