Do you have a bothersome memory at the root of your anxiety or stress?

Blessed to get to do some powerful EFT with Dr. Tami West, PhD., @tamiwest1 on a bothersome memory at the root of her anxiety. ✨

People are often willing to tap on the symptoms of their anxiety or nerves, but not always willing to be vulnerable enough to go to the root cause, where we can do the most shifting and healing. 💕

I applaud Dr. West for her willingness to share about this. As someone whose mission is to help others become mentally and emotionally healthy, she walks her talk! 🙌🏻

If you suffer from anxiety and have any inkling about what the root causes might be, this could be really relatable and translatable session for you to check out as well.

➡️You can get access to the entire session and tips for personalizing it for yourself HERE.

You can also check out the episode we recorded together for the Podcast, Consider Yourself Hugged, wherever you listen to pods!


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