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Facebook Ads: Why I like broad targeting
Facebook Ads: Why I like broad targeting
When business owners ask me what targeting I recommend for their Facebook ads, a majority of the time, I'm going to say one word... broad. Age, gender, location. And I usually get met with a look of confusion and even sometimes disagreement.
"Why??? Can't I use interest-based targeting???"
Yes. You can do whatever you want. You're an adult and I don't control your life.
But here are a few reasons why I love the long game of Broad Targeting, and honestly, this just scratches the surface. I could go on and on about why broad targeting is the way to go.
  1. Larger audience pool. A larger audience will give you slower ad fatigue, which is especially great if you're advertising in a local radius. Larger audiences will always outperform a smaller audience.
  2. Interest-based targeting isn't as accurate as it seems. Internet privacy crackdowns, some people not sharing information - these are just some of the reasons that dull the accuracy.
  3. Broad-targeted audiences get better over time. This makes them easy to scale. The algorithm LOVES longevity (and not just because you're spending more money). The longer your broad-targeted ads run, the more accurate your audience will be. Facebook wants your ads to do well so that you'll keep spending money there. So when the algorithm (which is way smarter than any human) is able to work without limitation, it's going to push your ad to the people it thinks will help it perform better.
  4. Broad targeting lets you focus more on delivering the right offer with the right video or graphic instead of getting in the weeds with who likes what. Your content is what will help attract the audience.
We've seen some pretty cool results with broad targeting. Put your questions below and lets talk! I'd love to hear your experience with Facebook ads. Maybe we can teach each other something.
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