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3 Simple Parts To Building A Killer Funnel
📣 Calling all marketers and business owners! Discover the secrets to building a marketing funnel that CONVERTS in our latest blog post: "Building A Funnel That Converts." Learn the THREE essential components: 1️⃣ Compelling Messaging: Craft messages that resonate with your audience and communicate the value of your product or service. 2️⃣ Effective Lead Magnet: Use lead magnets to capture contact information and nurture potential customers. 3️⃣ Persuasive Offer: Create irresistible offers that drive action and address customer pain points. At Genie Rocket, we specialize in designing successful funnels for businesses like yours. Elevate your marketing strategy today! Click the link below to read the full blog post and take your marketing to the next level.
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3 Simple Parts To Building A Killer Funnel
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Great blog post, John!
🌟Next BAM Event🚀 - JUNE 2ND
Hey everyone!!! We have been loving the turnout at our BAM💥 Events, and we wanted to reach out to those attending to see what topic you would get the MOST value from? We our planning our next BAM for June 2nd! Thank you for helping us better serve you! Register HERE:
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🌟Next BAM Event🚀 - JUNE 2ND
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Wake up your customer list!! There's MONEY there!
Guys, we're back in action for BAM! Be a Marketer Live! Come hang with us and learn some amazing marketing tips! 👉 If you are curious about how to use AI to grow your sales and marketing, come join us on Friday at 2PM CST! We have limited spots if you're joining us in the studio so make sure to RSVP below. 👉 RSVP HERE: (awesome photo by @Tina Caron!)
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Can't WAIT for this one!!!
5 Quick Ways to Use AI to Grow Your Small Business
If you haven't gotten on the AI content generation train, it's time to get on! Push past the fear of having a robot help you and embrace the future. It's here. If you're a small business owner, you probably don't have extra hours every week to sit down and work on writing blogs, sales emails, and website copy. That's where AI can provide immediate pain relief. Here are 5 ways you can start leveraging AI right now in your small business: 1. Detailed Blog articles for SEO 2. Persuasive website and sales funnel copy 3. Rich email nurturing sequences 4. Creative Social Media posts 5. Thoughtful video scrips How to start using AI? ChatBot GPT (You might have to get on a waiting list:) Genie Rocket We have built-in content AI for when you're writing blog posts, social media, websites, etc. Book a demo to see it in action: Want to go deeper? Check out our latest podcast episode on AI for Sales and Marketing: ---------------------------------------------------- 🤖 ⚡️ I'll end this with a rap song that chatbot wrote for me about the greatness of chat, so you can see it in action! Took me 10 seconds to type in what I wanted and the AI produced this in real-time - about 30 seconds. (All I typed in was: write a rap song about how great chat bot AI is" Verse 1: Yo, let me tell you 'bout a tool that's so great It's a chatbot, AI, it's never late 24/7, always on the go Answering your questions, don't you know? Chorus: Chat bot AI, oh so fly Never miss a beat, always on the high Making our lives easier, helping us out Chat bot AI, we love to shout!
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5 Quick Ways to Use AI to Grow Your Small Business
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ChatGPT is changing the game! (Also - that rap was 🔥)
📸Picture this: You're a business owner trying to sell your product or service. You've done your research, you've paid for amazing ads, your ad is getting leads in, you created a kicka** nurturing sequence that those leads are going through….. But no one has called you, no one has booked a meeting with you, and no one has reached out. Have you been there?? What's going on??? Well, to be completely honest, it's possible that you've fallen into the trap of thinking that nurturing your leads is the same as selling to them. While it is true that nurturing is an important part of the sales process, it's not a replacement for it. ❗❗Let me repeat that real quick: nurturing your leads…. Does NOT replace your sales process❗❗ Okay, now that we’re on the same page, let's break it down. - Nurturing is all about building a relationship with your potential customers. It's about educating them, providing them with helpful resources, and staying top-of-mind until they're ready to make a buying decision. - Sales, on the other hand, is about closing the deal. It's about identifying your customer's needs, demonstrating how your product or service can meet those needs, and persuading them to take action. ❓So why do people sometimes confuse the two❓ Well, for one thing, nurturing can feel more comfortable than selling. It's a softer approach that doesn't involve as much pressure or rejection. Plus, when you're nurturing, you're not necessarily asking for anything in return. But here's the thing: if you're only nurturing your leads and never actually selling to them, you're not doing your job as a salesperson. Your goal isn't just to have a lot of warm and fuzzy conversations with potential customers - it's to close deals and generate revenue for your company❗ So, how do you strike the right balance between nurturing and selling❓ Here are a few tips: 1️⃣ Be strategic about your nurturing efforts by consistently providing value to your potential customers through a variety of touch points. Remember, it takes an average of 21 touch points for someone to make a purchase decision, so don't be afraid to get creative with how you engage with your audience. From ads and social media posts, to emails, texts, and even physical presence at events, there are many ways to stay top-of-mind. But it's important to be practical about your efforts and ensure that each touch point is providing value to your audience.
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This can't be understated enough! It's not "either or", it's "both and"!
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