Are you on the wrong escalator?
I was with a high-impact group of men just this morning, and the leader shared a story he recently heard at his church I wanted to share.
Dr. Tony Evans, a renowned preacher, was at the mall with his grandson when his grandson approached the escalator that was going down and started walking up the escalator.
We've all done that before or seen it, but here's the analogy that will make a more significant impact.
All you have to do is stay still (do nothing) and it will carry you down.
Our society and culture are the escalators going down.
If you’re not moving and accelerating this world will pull you down.
This relates to everything in life - but think about this with marketing for a second.
If you get frustrated, burnt out, give up, or do nothing, it's not going to improve your sales, your life, or your vision. Marketing is just an experiment, and we're not always going to get the results we want.
If something isn't working, then analyze the audience, the message and the offer, fine tune, then try again.
Marketing is hard. But we do hard things to get better, and to achieve our goals.
Action: Take an uncomfortable marketing step today. Send an email campaign, send a text campaign, or maybe launch Facebook ad. What are you going to do?
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