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Converting Google Sheets Trackers Into Airtable
hi! I am trying to wrap my brain around the best way to recreate a google sheets tracker into airtable. I have a tracker for my business metrics that tracks monthly and a paid ads tracker that tracks daily. Any advice?
New comment 13d ago
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Hey Alexis! Tracking and visualizing business metrics is a perfect use case for Airtable. How the tables should be designed will depend slightly on what your input data looks like. If you'd be able to share a link to a sample file for both your business metrics and your paid ads tracking, I'd be better able to share my thought process for how you could design the tables. If you don't want to disclose your real business data, you can just replace sensitive info with dummy data :)
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@Alexis Guy sounds good!
Trigger email report generation based on data trigger
I am thinking of doing something of this nature. Say, I have 5 parameters of features, each parameter has ranking of 1 to 5. I want to send a report based on the ranking combinations received. For practical visualization, say I want to provide recommendation of supplements to consume eg. parameter 1 is energy level , parameter 2 is weight relative to standard, 3..... these are just fictious ideas. the goal is to give a recommendation of products to consume . so a comparison table of sorts or trigger to determine the match and then trigger customized report for each combination by sending email with particular pdf or word document. Please comment if you can suggest the steps to do this or part of this. Thank you very much
New comment Apr 26
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Hey Manfred, I understand that "the goal is to give a recommendation of products to consume". That's about all I understand from this so far. let's keep the email-sending part out of the equation for now until we know what the tables should look like. Can you tell me more about these parameters of features? I don't know what that means
0 likes • Apr 26
Oh I didn’t realize that Make could store data. I thought Make only connected apps together. where does the data originally come from before going to Make?
Can you teach me how to use blocks?
Hey! Want to learn how to implement this Do I need to install git and npm?
New comment Oct '23
0 likes • Oct '23
Hmmm. I didn't write the extension so I have no idea how it works or if it has any bugs. My knowledge goes as far as helping you get it installed. Here's Kamille's website. You can probably reach out to her an ask for help!
0 likes • Oct '23
@Raquel Arias awesome! Glad to hear it 😄
Hey! So I may or may not be structuring this correctly, but here it goes. I have a form that people fill out as a sign up sheet. On the backend (grid) I want to be able to assign a region and a territory based on zip codes. Most states only have 1 region and territory. Some states (larger ones) have multiple territories; these states are the ones we look at zip codes for. How would I do this as an automation? If that's the way to do it?
New comment Sep '23
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The only ways I can think of to accomplish this are pretty technical and would require some nerdy development work. You can book a call with me if you want to talk about getting this implemented in your base!
File Size
Is there a way to calculate the combined file size of an attachment field? eg. I use an automation to send proofs but some fail as the combined files are over 25MB. I'd like to know in advance if possible.
New comment Sep '23
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@Raquel Arias The only way to know in advance the total size of a record's attachments field would be to have a script that adds up the total size and store it in a separate field. There are a few approaches you can take with running this script: 1. Trigger the script manually as needed to re-calculate the attachment sizes for all records 2. Use an automation to run the script any time a new attachment is added to a record Would either of these solutions work for you? I can help you with the script!
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@Raquel Arias Okay here is a link to a base with the automation + script attached. The script is intended to be run once just to "seed" your new "Attachments Size" field with the current size of all of your records. The automation will keep your "Attachments Size" field up to date as you make changes to your records' attachments field. You can copy/paste the script code into a new Scripting extension in your base and then run it. You'll have to re-create the automation by just looking at it and replicating it inside your base. I wish their was an easier way to share automations but I believe this is all I can do. LMK if you have trouble getting this stuff setup.
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