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If you use Google Sheets a lot in your business, you'll love Airtable.
Click "JOIN GROUP" to learn how to apply good data management principles to your service-based business so that you can delegate your work and scale your income.
Don't worry it's easier than using spreadsheets and actually fun!
If you haven't used it before, is a data management tool that helps product and service based businesses operate with the efficiency and scalability of a software business.
The goal of this group is to help you:
  1. Track and visualize your business metrics so that bottlenecks become clear as day
  2. Simplify your life by have a single source of truth for your business data
  3. Answer any of your business's software/integration questions (I'll be your "tech guy")
PS. I don't get paid to promote Airtable. They don't have an affiliate program. I just love the product
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