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Release Your F*cks

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90 days of meditation with Yogi Bryan, win prizes, make friends, have fun.

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Join the movement with Yogi Bryan. Help us release 100 billion f*cks around the world. We can't do it alone. We need you to become a superf*cker.


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**BIG Announcement | Part 2**
For everyone who isn't at Level 5 yet and can't attend the Leap Day event this Thursday night at 6:30pm ET... I'm also having a Super F*ckers Opening Ceremony on Friday, March 1st @ 12pm ET 💥 If you don't know what it means to be a self mastery super f*cker... than you should definitely RSVP and find out 🙏 Here's how you can sign up: PS... If I did an in-person event this fall, which city would you like to see me at most?
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**BIG Announcement | more levels unlocking 💥**
Happy Friday fuckers! Read this entire post if you’re able to ❤️ If you're new to the Release Your Fucks community, welcome in to the most badass FREE meditation community on the internet --> the go to space for us to all come together (literally from all over the world) and release our fucks. The goal? Help the world release 100 billion fucks, and the only way we do it is together 🙏 I love seeing all the friendships being made, the challenges overcome, and the fucking passion everyone is sharing in the community. Keep up the great work. To get to the point.... as we continue to grow, I want to encourage you guys to keep deepening your practice and the best way I now how to do that is to give you more free shit lmao 1. I've created a Level 2 "Library" that has a couple of my favorite meditations & challenges for you from the paid app to help you manifest abundance and quality sleep 2. We now have a Level 5 "Advanced Training" for all you community leaders who have made this community what it is so far. Dive into this program. The best way to deepen your practice is to begin teaching it. 3. To reward OG fuckers who are Level 5 + I'm having a Leap Year workshop on Feb 29 @ 6:30pm ET. Add it to your calendar and DON'T MISS IT because I have another BIG announcement I'll be sharing with everyone 👀 4. Because of the number of Fucker McFuckerson's advancing so quickly, I've had to more the cameos to Level 7 and the Zoom call to Level 8 since it's already overwhelming my schedule each week - if you are close to Level 6/7 I'm not doing this until MARCH 1ST so you still have time to make it in. In the future I may have to switch these up to something different so sorry in advance (only so many hours in the week)
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Read the entire post if you have the time 🙏
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@Laura Christen Fuck yea! Keep inviting people in and they can start the 90-day challenge at anytime - mostly everyone is at a different day in the journey 🙏
Congrats Tara Kim Level 7
Woot woot @Tara Kim. Congrats on Level 7. Good chat today in our 1 on 1. Use the feelings and emotions as fuel. Back in 2020 I was going through another rough breakup. Divorce #2 but during that rough time I created the Relax with Yogi Bryan Meditations podcast. I used the pain and sadness as fuel to make meditations to help the world. Now the Relax with Yogi Bryan Meditation podcast has over 4M downloads, I have my own app, wrote the It's Just F*ckin Meditation book, and now this awesome community. So use your feelings and emotions for the good f*ckers.
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Congrats Michele Trejo Level 6
Boom 💥 @Michele Trejo you rock. Keep up the meditation practice because it will make you more aware of the triggers before the shit storms. It’s practice practice practice and then soon you’ll realize wow I was calmer in that situation compared to before.
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Congrats Tine Sommerfelt Level 6
Congrats @Tine Sommerfelt. Way to go. Keep working on yourself and make friends with that inner fuckin child. See what happens 🙏
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