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Proudest Moment as a Creator
Calling all mentors and motivators! What's the most rewarding moment you've had as a CREATOR? Share your proudest memory in the comments! 🌟🙌
New comment Dec '23
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@Christina Lopez Woah this is incredible. 🤩
1 like • Dec '23
@Marisa Pell A big step! This is a great. 👌
Podcast Launch Marketing strategy?
Hi! What do you suggest doing for a podcast launch strategy…announcing it before I have episodes, announce after I have the first episode, just to my list? Thanks
New comment Dec '23
0 likes • Dec '23
@Ani Mercedes Start with building anticipation before the launch of the podcast in the form of teasers. -Leverage social media marketing to promote your podcast; YT ads would be beneficial. -Collaborate with other podcasters for a shoutout. It will boost your reach. -You can also submit your Podcast to directories like Apple podcast, Shopify, etc. What is your PODCAST about?
Do you have a free training lead magnet?
If you have a free training/webinar as a lead magnet, what is it? Is it pitch free or do you also use it to promote something? What's been working for you and what hasn't? I'm curious 🤗
New comment Dec '23
0 likes • Nov '23
@Susanne Rieker A lead magnet is a free resource or offer given to potential customers for their contact info. It can be an ebook, webinar, or trial. Lead magnets can be pitch-free for trust-building or promotion to introduce products. High-value content, relevance, and a clear CTA work well. Avoid being overly promotional and ensure easy access. Test and refine strategies based on results. What lead magnet type resonates best with your audience, and how do you plan to balance providing value and promoting your offerings?
Signature course title – your thoughts?
It's finally time! I've been working through Mariah's Launch Your Signature Course and I'm about ready to run my validation webinar. So excited to release this content, but feeling a little hung up on the title for my course & the webinar. My working course title is – Decondition Your Sh*t: Clear Your Stickiest Triggers and Patterns without Years of Therapy With a working description of: Learn a simple process to regulate your trigger responses and change your disempowering patterns so you can have healthier, happier relationships and more self trust. I want to run this as a 4 week LIVE, and then make it evergreen. For my rapid validation webinar I was thinking of doing the "1st module" preview, and essentially teach week 1 which is all about understanding how conditioning works + getting clear on your triggers + how to get emotional leverage to make a big change. Working title: How to Manage Emotional Triggers Description: Discover your personal blueprint to prevent nervous system dysregulation and respond to your triggers from a calm and empowered state. I tried to make the titles sexier, but couldn't manage it! Went for clarity instead. Would LOVE to know your thoughts as this feels like a sticky point for me! And a tangential side q: If I run the webinar as a preview of module 1, does the actual module 1 need to be significantly different?
New comment Nov '23
0 likes • Nov '23
@Jessica Alfaqih "Decondition Your Sh*t" is bold, and "How to Manage Emotional Triggers" is clear. For the preview, keeping it aligned with the actual module is great, providing a taste of what's to come. How about "Freedom Within: Master Your Triggers for Healthier Connections"? 👈 Also, how do you plan to build anticipation and engagement leading up to your validation WEBINAR?
What trends and strategies do you see for attracting new leads and selling that work well without launches and be dependable on ads?
In the online space, everything is shifting, and from what I observe, many creators aim to sell and serve without becoming excessively reliant on launches, ads, and large teams. What are your thoughts on that?
New comment Dec '23
What trends and strategies do you see for attracting new leads and selling that work well without launches and be dependable on ads?
0 likes • Nov '23
@Felissa Arias What is your Niche?
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