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Hey y'all. I purchased a software that helps generate better prompts for ChatGPT. I've been able to generate some great content by using these prompts. Just wanted to share a few in hopes that it helps you as well. You're going to give ChatGPT some instructions first. - Name of your campaign and the objective - Industry that you're in - About your business - Target audience - Writing style that you like - Tone that you want for your writing I'll pretend that I have a company in the carpet cleaning industry. *********************** Start out by telling ChatGPT: You are a talented digital marketing expert at a top-tier marketing research firm, a graduate of Harvard Business School. Your style is direct, to the point. Prioritize expert advice. Here is a little bit of information about my company before I instruct you on what kind of marketing materials I need: - This campaign is called Carpet Cleaners - Content Ideas & Marketing Copy. - I am in the Carpet Cleaning business - my product/service is called ABC Carpet Cleaners and we are a Carpet Cleaning Company in Colorado that offers carpet and floor cleaning for homes and businesses. - my target is Business Owners - in terms of writing I like to write with the Dan Kennedy style - the tone of my writing should be Persuasive do you understand what my campaign is about?
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Facebook Posts: Give me 10 Facebook Post ideas for ABC Carpet Cleaners, targeting the Business Owners audience in the style of Dan Kennedy and a Persuasive tone
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Sales Letter: Write me a Dan Kennedy style sales letter for ABC Carpet Cleaners following this format: - Hook (headline) - Subdheadline - Pain: explain the main pain points faced by users - Solution - Features and benefits - Use cases - Who this is for - 3 steps the client needs to take - Guarantee - Call to action As usual target the Business Owners audience, in the style of Dan Kennedy and a Persuasive tone. The writing style should be Descriptive.
Where Are You?
Ok, now that I have your attention I was just wondering where everyone is on their journey to building a business or creating another stream of revenue (or just learning if that's why you're here). I read an article, "From Idea to Maturity, the Five Stages of Business Growth" where they talked about different stages of business growth. I was just curious where each of you land in terms of the options below and whether there was anything that you need help with. Let's get some conversations going and help each other along the journey. Cheers! 🍻
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Start Here 👋
Hello! Welcome to The MAKEONCE Community. The goal of this group is to help you make money online by selling your advice. Let's get things started by introducing ourselves. Let's hear from you: 1. What's your name? 2. Where are you currently focusing your efforts and what are you trying to build? See you in the comments!
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@Steven Matthews Welcome to the group Steve. I'm right there with you on the risk taking step. Best wishes to you on this journey. Let us know how we can help.
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@James Long Hey Jim, nice to meet you and welcome to the group. 3D printing is exciting and has so many great possibilities. Look forward to connecting with you and sharing knowledge!
Weekly Call
I would encourage anyone that has the time to try to attend the weekly calls. There's a lot of value in there and it's your chance to get your questions answered from Mike, who has built successful businesses using this same model & approach. (I have a conflict for the first 30 mins, but will join if the call is still going on. )
Hi! My name is Derrell
I'm originally from Alabama, however I live in Michigan now. My company is Greyn Acres and I am in the farm and animals niche. My goals for this course is to first, learn about marketing online and gain it as a new skillset. Second, use that to skillset to compliment my current income to fund some projects that need to be completed. Third, I'd like to level up my skillset up enough so that it allows me to change my work path to selling online full time. For fun I like to play video games such as call of duty, madden, world of warcraft. Also. I raise chickens and will be moving into rabbits and quail real soon. Finally, I like to play pickleball and go on walks to stay active. Attached is a pic of my "home office", it aint pretty but its all mine.
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Welcome to the group Derrell!
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