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Conscious Business Accelerator

Private • 17.3k • Free

Accelerate your conscious business by establishing a SOLID foundation... (starting with YOU) - your beliefs, confidence, and skills.

Conscious Business Accelerator

Private • 12k • Free

Accelerate your conscious business by establishing a SOLID foundation... (starting with YOU) - your beliefs, confidence, and skills.


Conscious Leadership Academy

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Quantum Alumni

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Skool Community

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High Vibe Tribe

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Adonis Gang

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High Vibe School

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We're doing it again! (🔥HUGE Announcement!)
Hey my friend, We are very EXCITED to announce... we are NOW taking applications to become a FREE "beta tester" in our 3 week coaching program - "The Conscious Business Accelerator" This is for you if you have… (or want to create)… a “high vibe” business, online. Just like what you see, all of us doing... an online business build around your calling in life and service to others. This is a 3-week group coaching program that includes - Step-by-step curriculum - LIVE coaching from Mat, Aaron, and Victor (me :) - Private mastermind group And you are invited to join for FREE, as a beta tester… 🎉 all we ask in return is a testimonial if you like the experience. >>> APPLY FOR OUR PROGRAM HERE This new program is designed to help you create a “solid foundation” which will drastically accelerate your progress. So what does it mean to have a solid “online business foundation?” Well, it actually begins with YOU. 1) Your beliefs… (are your subconscious beliefs supporting you… or holding you back?) 2) Your confidence... (are you confident in yourself and your ability to create a successful business & deliver quality results to your clients and customers?) 3) Your skills... (Do you possess the communication, leadership, and business skills to succeed?) If you are interested in improving in any of those 3 areas, this program will be a game-changer! ALSO… In addition to all of that we will be teaching you our cutting-edge business model that works wonders for conscious business owners, which is, people who not only want to succeed... but do so with the highest integrity and authenticity. So, if this sounds like something you want to be a part of, you can apply below to join :) >>> APPLY FOR OUR PROGRAM HERE And don’t worry… it’s not a crazy application process. But we want to make sure to work with people who are serious and willing to put in the time and energy to get awesome results.
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@Kristina Owens Hey my friend, the facebook group hasn’t open yet…we’ll get you in.
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@Anita Hagen-Weise oh great my friend…glad that it was beneficial to you and you can use that practice when you feel you need it now. :)
Aaron and Victor have inspired me to go FULL Time On YOUTUBE with Network marketing
They have inspired me to use YouTube to grow my network marketing business as my full time purpose business! Thank you!! Here is one of my videos that is doing well! :)
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Aaron and Victor have inspired me to go FULL Time On YOUTUBE with Network marketing
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hey good for you my friend! happy for you
Starts Monday... (Free Coaching Program)
Hey my friends, Just one final reminder... The Conscious Business Accelerator begins Monday! More info here - This is a 3 week online coaching program run by Aaron Doughty, Mat Schaffer, and Victor Oddo (me) This is for people that feel inspired to create a business... founded upon their life's purpose which is to help humanity in some way. This was created for aspiring... - Coaches - Healers - Psychics - Artists - Thought leaders - Writers - Social Media Influencers Anyone that wants to do some variation of what you see us 3 doing :) We will be teaching you how and coaching you with our step by step program. This time... it's 100% FREE to join. (normally 2K) Apply here if you want to be a part of it - We are so excited! Hope to see you inside, Sincerely, Victor
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@Mel S you're very welcome my friend, happy to hear you had a good experience!
Hey, y'all, so I received some nasty comments, and this is how I handled it. I could have deleted it, but honestly, I felt grateful to be able to address it because I know so many people feel the same... I felt the same at one point. @Victor Oddo Any feedback on how you would have adressed this? I did my best to stay grounded and "above the line". Thank you!<3
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Hey! would you also post this in FTP group study? I would like to share it in there since I did such a long video lol, I feel it may help them too
HUGE Opportunity!
Calling all coaches... (& those that want to learn how to become one) Starting tomorrow, for the first time ever we are launching the... "Conscious Coaches Accelerator" Details here >> This is a 12-day program for anyone who wants to start... or grow an online coaching business. Starting September 13th, (tomorrow) through LIVE interactive coaching with Aaron Doughty, Mat Schaffer and myself (Victor)... You will learn 3 Main Things... 1) How to attract clients... (you "vibe" with) We don’t recommend you work with just anyone! When you know how to leverage the internet, (& we will teach you!)... it’s EASY to attract clients that you will resonate with. 2) Fill your calendar with long-term... (6-12 months)... high-paying clients… Imagine having 5-10 clients paying you $500 - $1,000 a month for the next year? This is SOOO much better than constantly trying to sign up new people for 1-5 sessions at a time. With long-term clients you get to enjoy stability and financial peace of mind AND your clients will get way better results! 3) Learn how to deliver life-changing results to your clients, Mat and I have been coaching for over a decade... each! and will be sharing with you our processes, wisdom, and tools from the trenches. This time only... we are offering this amazing program... for FREE! only because it's the very first time we are rolling it out. If you are interested in participating AND are willing to do the work, You can apply here - Hope to see you inside! Can't wait! Sincerely, Victor
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HUGE Opportunity!
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