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We're doing it again! (🔥HUGE Announcement!)
Hey my friend, We are very EXCITED to announce... we are NOW taking applications to become a FREE "beta tester" in our 3 week coaching program - "The Conscious Business Accelerator" This is for you if you have… (or want to create)… a “high vibe” business, online. Just like what you see, all of us doing... an online business build around your calling in life and service to others. This is a 3-week group coaching program that includes - Step-by-step curriculum - LIVE coaching from Mat, Aaron, and Victor (me :) - Private mastermind group And you are invited to join for FREE, as a beta tester… 🎉 all we ask in return is a testimonial if you like the experience. >>> APPLY FOR OUR PROGRAM HERE This new program is designed to help you create a “solid foundation” which will drastically accelerate your progress. So what does it mean to have a solid “online business foundation?” Well, it actually begins with YOU. 1) Your beliefs… (are your subconscious beliefs supporting you… or holding you back?) 2) Your confidence... (are you confident in yourself and your ability to create a successful business & deliver quality results to your clients and customers?) 3) Your skills... (Do you possess the communication, leadership, and business skills to succeed?) If you are interested in improving in any of those 3 areas, this program will be a game-changer! ALSO… In addition to all of that we will be teaching you our cutting-edge business model that works wonders for conscious business owners, which is, people who not only want to succeed... but do so with the highest integrity and authenticity. So, if this sounds like something you want to be a part of, you can apply below to join :) >>> APPLY FOR OUR PROGRAM HERE And don’t worry… it’s not a crazy application process. But we want to make sure to work with people who are serious and willing to put in the time and energy to get awesome results.
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The 10X Rule (AWESOME Mindset Hack!)
Have you heard of this?" "The 10X Rule" Basically, it's a counterbalance to our limited way of thinking. The idea is... When we envision our future and set goals, they are not actually representative of our TRUE capabilities. We tend to play it small. Can you relate? Do you find yourself playing it small sometimes? Grand Cardone, author of the book, "The 10X Rule" suggests we take whatever dream or goal we have... and 10X it! and THAT will be closer to our ACTUAL potential. Also... if we are thinking and dreaming bigger... then our actions will match those expanded goals. We will dig deeper, get up earlier, work harder, and exert more energy and discipline. Whether we reach out 10X multiplied goals or not doesn't matter because that simple mind shift will cause us to shoot MUCH further than we would have otherwise. I don't know about you but I have discovered that my own mind is terrified of my greatness and true power... and has very sneaky back door ways of stifling my progress. Self-sabotage, over analyzation, perfectionism, desire for instant gratification, etc. This 10X rule is a mind hack that Aaron, Mat, and I have been using for years. So, I thought I'd toss it your way in case you may benefit as well. And if you enjoyed this little mindset tip, we have MUCH more to offer in this regard, soon, in our new program The Conscious Business Accelerator. This is a 3-week coaching program that starts May 15th, and while it will soon cost 2K to join... Right now, you can go through it for free! >>> APPLY TO BECOME A BETA TESTER HERE This is an opportunity to experience it for free because it's our first time running it, fyi, this will not always be the case. Hope to see you inside, Sincerely, Victor
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✨ "The journey of BUSINESS GROWTH 📈
✨ "The journey of BUSINESS GROWTH 📈 is a constant dance between stability and innovation. It's about honoring the core values that have brought you success while embracing the calculated risks that propel you forward. Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo, but remember that true growth builds upon a strong foundation. 🤗 Embrace a growth mindset, where challenges are opportunities to learn and adapt. Foster a culture of experimentation within your team, and celebrate both the wins and the lessons learned. Remember, even the most established companies began as audacious ideas. Stay passionate, stay curious, and never stop striving to make a positive impact in your industry." ✨ #business #businessgrowth #businesssuccess
not in a good head space
This is frustrating I need a breakthrough, or a break.. .. not a breakdown. I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere.. I'm going for a walk. Does anyone feel like it's getting harder to regulate their emotions not easier?
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The Role of Dreams in Entrepreneurship
Dreams are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship. They represent the visionary ideas and ambitions that drive entrepreneurs to create and build businesses. Here’s how dreams play a crucial role in the entrepreneurial journey: 1. Vision and Ambition: Dreams embody the vision of what entrepreneurs want to achieve. This vision guides their goals, inspires their actions, and motivates them to pursue their ventures despite obstacles. 2. Innovation and Creativity: Entrepreneurs dream of new products, services, or business models. These dreams fuel creativity and drive innovation, leading to unique solutions that can disrupt markets and meet unmet needs. 3. Risk-Taking and Perseverance: Dreams give entrepreneurs the courage to take risks and face uncertainties. The desire to achieve their dreams helps them persist through challenges, failures, and setbacks. 4. Purpose and Passion: A dream provides a sense of purpose and passion. It is the emotional and psychological fuel that keeps entrepreneurs dedicated to their mission, even during difficult times. 5. Goal Setting and Planning: Dreams are often the starting point for setting long-term goals and creating strategic plans. They help entrepreneurs map out the steps needed to turn their visions into reality. 6. Inspiring Others: An entrepreneur’s dream can inspire and attract others, including co-founders, employees, investors, and customers. A compelling vision can unify a team and create a shared sense of purpose. In summary, dreams in entrepreneurship are the visionary ideas and ambitions that inspire, guide, and sustain entrepreneurs. They are essential for innovation, risk-taking, perseverance, and the overall drive to turn visionary concepts into successful businesses
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