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ANNOUNCEMENT: Encore of Full System Reset this SATURDAY 🚀
Breathwork Revolutionaries! ✊ Can I be real with you all for a minute? While these masterclasses have always been our gift to you, they're more than just an access key to the 9D breathwork experiences. They're invitations. Invitations to a larger vision, to a movement that's bigger than all of us combined. You see, our vision is a bold one: by January 2024, we aim to impact 24.5 million souls every week with the raw power of 9D breathwork. A dream? Absolutely. But one we believe in and we're fully committed to making happen. However, dreams, as expansive as they are, can't be nurtured solo. We're already well into the process of cultivating the most powerful fu**ing movement the breathwork world has ever seen. A powerhouse community of 9D Breathwork ambassadors who are carrying this light to every nook and cranny of our world - from bustling cities to serene countryside, across all continents and cultures. So, I'm not gonna mask it: these classes are also a call to join our ranks. But more than a 'sales call,' consider it a heart-to-heart. An invitation to leverage the impact that this medicine delivers and step up to help bring it to those who need it most... Which right now, consists of ALMOST EVERYONE. Imagine the possibility of ushering in a global shift, of turning ripples into tidal waves of positive change. By joining our mission, you're not just instructing; you're inspiring, healing, and creating legacies. Our world needs its leaders, its visionaries. its revolutionaries. It needs YOU. So, if you're ready to learn how to leverage the most powerful form of breathwork and use it to make the most massive impact while making amazing $$ and carving out the most fulfilling life in the process, then drop "9D" in the comments below and we'll see you Saturday at 8pm Bali time🔥 With deep respect, Brian Ps if you can’t make it live recording will go out and be available for a few days x
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@Mike Swaneythank you. I'm here from awhile, but had some health disturbances and was away. for a moment. now back, fully recharged and ready
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1st ever coaching session done!
I'm so excited that i overcame my "imposter syndrome" fear and last weekend did my first guidance of BW journey! Very positive feedback and 4 new sessions already booked! Super satisfying to see the result on people faces after a Journey. <3
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@Jessica U Thank you! And exactly because is just the beginning, its mega magical for me. :)
Essential Oils with Breathwork
What's your experience with Essential Oils? I would like to use them in my sessions. Have some Doterra examples and they are pretty good.
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@Jeanne Smith Thanks for sharing. Useful. :)
72 h recording access from last 9D master class?
Are those registered for the last master class going to have temp access to the recording? 3 to 5 AM (CEST) Monday morning was difficult to accommodate... 😞
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I read a post in the FB group that the masterclass has been postponed. FYI
Back tension after Holotrophic session
Couple of months back, after day 5 of the Holotrophic breathing of the MB 30 challenge I received tremendous back issues. More specific pain and tension in the middle and lumbar sections. It was really, really bad and the beginning. Much better now, and I know this most probably is a result of releasing suppressed emotions. Question is - anyone can give a suggestion for a breathing technic that might assist the healing process? Love Sammy
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@Brian Kelly Thank you! Def will be tested. Will come back after few days.
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@Brian Kelly Thanks again for the insight and wisdom. Indeed helps a lot. Discover for myself that doing this sitting reaps more benefit. Now this routine is added to my day-to-day activities.
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