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Mmmm, smoked butter 🧈 🤷🏼‍♀️
If anyone is close to Sabden, Clitheroe, I just spotted (on Instagram!) this smoked butter being sold at a farm called The Milking Parlour, who sell raw milk, eggs, cheeses Sounds interesting 🤔
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Mmmm, smoked butter 🧈 🤷🏼‍♀️
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@Lucy Seabrooke I think I might need to take a trip to Clitheroe to test this myself 😂
I need to purchase some more salt. I bought pink Himalayan and Redmond but wonder about Celtic salt this time. Redmonds has become so expensive, so its between Himalayan or Celtic. Which salt would you choose???
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I use this one 👍
Great podcast Stephen!
For all the Dr Sara Pugh fans this is a good listen. It’s a struggle sometimes to fully understand everything she is talking about - I’m hoping listening to many podcasts, etc will help things to sink in and stay! 😂
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@Lucy Seabrooke oooh, thanks Lucy. I’ll definitely give that a listen 👍🏼
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@Gary McDonnell Thomas 😂
Non dairy ice cream?
Erm... Kinda. Well im thinking of going lion for a stint so id try this.
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I’d like to get the cooking of bone marrow right - I’m going to try this at some point, when I get some bones!
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@Gary McDonnell Thomas apparently they go softer after being cooked
56 year old Mountain Runner , Wilderness Runner , Speed/Circuit Climber ... In my opinion , training in the mountains and on rock , gives you everything ! ... Gyms were created to give us what has been taken away by our culture/domesticated way of living . From the very moment we're born , we're on flat , manufactured surfaces .. In our homes , at work , in stores , schools , even at the gym ! Almost every surface has been flattened out for our "convenience" and it's taken away so very much of our physicality , and is changing our physiology to the point where it's caused a myriad of health problems ... We are essentially , "de-volving" What we do in gyms is completely unnatural.. Lifting weights repetitively, while static , and even running on treadmills ... All so very unnatural ! For thousands of years we lived and moved around on natural surfaces , and now we've been institutionalized to the point where , for most people in our culture , it seems quite alien to be out in the wild ! Quite sad really ... You'll never find out what you're really supposed to look like , unless you hit the natural terrain .. & the harsher the terrain & the harder you push , the better ! The mountains will carve you out ! & show you what you're supposed to look like ! Diet is a huge factor too .. A diet of primarily meat , along with harsh, out door activity , particularly in mountainous terrain , will give the best results ... You won't become king of beasts poking around on manufactured surfaces , or even going to the gym and obtaining a "manufactured", or "unnatural" physique . I'm not knocking anyone here ... We are born into this culture of "convenience" , and therefore become institutionalized to believe that our way of life is "normal" , and that couldn't be farther from the truth .. If you want to know what you're supposed to look like , and reach maximum physicality , then hit the mountains hard and eat like a God & you'll be shocked at the results ! Of course , there's more to it than this , and i could broaden the conversation , but i'll just leave this here & wish you all the very best of health and every success in your physical goals and pursuits ..
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@Gary McDonnell Thomas Dame Judy Hench! 😂😂😂 Love that 👍🏼
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