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Breathwork Revolutionaries! ✊ Want to come train with me in Bali!? Just posted this on my socials last Friday. Sharing here as well for anyone who may have missed it 🔥 ----- Listen up, folks! Life’s too fu**ing short for settling, for playing it safe, for enduring some bullshit 9-5 you can’t stand. It’s time to break free! 🔥 We’re launching a giveaway that’s all about taking conscious, and inspired action in the direction of your dreams.We’re throwing out a full access VIP pass to our 7-day Breath Coach Certification retreat in Bali and a full scholarship to our signature 10-week online certification program.This isn’t just any program, it’s a $12K gateway drug (no substances needed) to your dream life. 🎁💸 Breathwork? It’s not just a practice, it’s a fu**ing revolution, and Breath Masters is leading the charge.We need the next generation of spiritual warriors, of dream-chasers, of FU** big pharma renegades, to help us take this medicine to the next level 🚀 If you’re looking for impact, for passion, for a life lived loud and free, then this is it. This is your shot. So, what the hell are you waiting for? The time to step up is now! Click the link in my bio to join the revolution.Let’s get it! It’s time to rise! 🚀



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    I have applied already... Best opportunity to have.. excited and hopeful to be there..

So I dropped this post into the Breath Masters FB group the other day and hesitated to share it in here since, not 100% of the group are in my certification program... But then I thought ah Fu** it y'all here are my family too and collectively we're ALL part of The Breathwork Revolution, so why not spread the love!? If you've gotten any value from my breathwork experiences please consider jumping in on this contest/campaign. Your genuine feedback lights me up and gives me the juice to keep creating these experiences for you guys, so take a minute and hook us up! 🙏❤️ P.S. Contest closes in 2 days! Details below 👇 UPDATE: 1st Prize: Breathe Art + Shoutout on Social + 30 Minute Private Call/Strategy Sesh with Brian 2nd & 3rd Prize: Breathe Art + Shoutout on Social Step 1: Click the trustpilot link (bottom of post) Step 2: Share your review Step 3: Drop three in the chat when you're done Hard cutoff Date: Thursday, June 1st at 11:59pm ------------- Breath Masters family! You all mean the world to us, seriously. Your presence here, your dedication to personal growth, and your unwavering commitment to breathwork... it's fu*king inspiring! Now, I've got a favor to ask, and it's a big one. We need your raw, unfiltered stories about your experience with our community and the life-changing power of breathwork. Seriously, don't hold back. We want the juicy details, the breakthroughs, the tears, the "holy shit, this changed my life" moments. Your stories are like beacons of light for others who are searching for something more. They need to hear your real-life experiences, your triumphs, and even the challenges you've faced along the way. Your words have the power to inspire the hell out of them and bring them into this beautiful movement. We’re already making a massive impact but it’s time to take it to the next level. By sharing your honest reviews and testimonials, you become the reason someone else takes that first courageous step toward healing and self-discovery. Your stories can ignite hope, kick fear in the ass, and unleash the untamed power within others.



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Reading about the choices this community makes for their morning is very interesting and inspiring - it makes me wonder whether you also have specific rituals/routines in the evening. I usually do my breath practice in the morning, and only if needed later in the day but I find myself in a stressful transition (moving) and I think some pre sleep work could be very helpful. What do you do?



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    i play soccer 3-4 days a week in the evening, some stretching and strength exercises before and after the game. This helps me have a deep sleep. However, I wake up at 6am, but will change it to 4am gradually, do breathwork, meditation, prayer, and a walk/hike 2-3 times a week.

This is really amazing, its Day 3 and i feel that it has already started revolutionizing me. Who else want that positive change for good?? It levels up your energy just before you start your day.. Thank you so much Brian for the amazing stuff.



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    Day 4 was also mind blowing,, learnt so many different techniques, can be used for different situations.... I never thought i could hold my breath for 2 mins, infact i did it easily following the pattern of breathing.. wow...

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    eager to learn more... this is magical..

I love answering questions😍, do not hesitate to chat me, bring me all your thoughts, what are u struggling with, I do my best to provide u my suggestions. I am level 4 in just 2days 😜!!! Personal win. I unlocked courses that I already have access 😂!! But I don't mind, I love answering questions 💯🙏☺️ Happy to be in this community and bring my help🙌



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    thank you for the love and your willingness to help..

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