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Reminder to all the parents entrepreneurs... (and to myself too 🫠)
Remember why you started: You're building more than just a business—you're setting an example for your kids. This summer, if you need to take time away from the kids to maintain and grow your business, know that it's not just okay—it's valuable! As summer unfolds, it's natural to feel torn between family time and the demands of growing your business. But remember, every moment you spend on your business isn't just about work—it's about building a legacy for your little ones. It’s about showing them the value of hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams. So, while it might feel tough to step away for a business call or to polish off that big project, know that you're doing it not just for your success, but for their future too. Embrace this season with confidence and give yourself permission to succeed in every role you play. Your kids are watching, learning, and cheering you on, every step of the way.
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Reminder to all the parents entrepreneurs... (and to myself too 🫠)
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My biggest struggle for sure.
Week Wrap-Up, my fav!
Happy Sunday, everyone! 🌟 As we wind down another productive week, it’s the perfect time to pause and reflect. How did things go for you? Whether you crossed everything off your list or faced unexpected challenges, each week offers valuable lessons. This is your invitation to take a moment and think about what you've accomplished and what you've learned. Did you hit your targets? What successes can you celebrate? And if things didn't go according to plan, what adjustments can you make for the coming week to get back on track? Sharing our experiences not only helps us process and prepare for a new week but also strengthens our community. You’re not alone in this journey—we’re all here to support each other. Poll: How do you prefer to reflect on your week’s achievements and setbacks?
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I'm pretty excited about the future. I'm changing up what I'm gonna be doing and very much in the planning stage. (I think alot of us are) But it takes some time to really figure out what suits us.
Declare your goals!
Happy Monday, Achievers! Let's set the stage for a productive week! What’s one specific goal you're targeting? Sharing goals not only commits you to them but also brings community support your way. Drop your goal in the comments and let’s cheer each other on! How ambitious are you feeling this week? 📊 What are you focusing on this week?
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Declare your goals!
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@Marianne Suarez Sabugo trying to work through some negative mindsets
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@Marianne Suarez Sabugo just trying to take care of myself. I've not had a haircut in about a year. Went and got lined up. Scheduled myself a doctor's appointment for the first time basically ever 😂 just pushing myself to get myself looking and feeling better
Recording available
For those of you who registered for the Mid-Year Reset and Goal Setting Workshop, the recording is now available in the classroom. You have also unlocked access to the comprehensive goal-setting course, Achieve Unleashed. For those of you that missed it buut would like access to the Reflection Guidebook, the workshop recording, and the goal-setting course, including the workbook, you can follow this link and message me so I can unlock the classroom for you! Cheers to a very successful second part of 2024! @Jenna Ostrye @Eric Howell @Kevin Suarez Sabugo @Janette Ryan @Samantha Gerber
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Recording available
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Thank you 🙏 this was the highlight of my week
Have you heard about Mindful Walking?
Today, my walk was just perfect. The air was warm, there was a gentle breeze, and the river looked stunning as it’s pretty high right now. The birds were chirping away, and the tall grass was swaying in the wind—so beautiful. Plus, the flowers are all blooming. It felt amazing to be outside, enjoying a lovely midday break. I picked up this thing called Mindful Walking from Lisa Belanger’s book, A Cup of Mindfulness. It’s all about really soaking in your surroundings when you walk. You try to use all five senses to connect with where you are right then and there. So, it’s about noticing how your breath feels, really hearing the birds, smelling whatever the breeze is bringing, seeing all the colors of the grass and sky, and feeling the ground under your feet, whether it’s grassy or rocky. It turns a regular walk into something kind of special. If you want to have a glimpse of today's walk, check out this video: TT: IG:
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Have you heard about Mindful Walking?
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I went for a short walk today and I was thinking about this
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