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Online Academy Community Creation - Starte durch mit DEM Top-Training für Communities auf Skool – und lass sie raketenhaft wachsen! Auch DFY Services

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Trete der Detox Society bei: Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden! Abnehmen (-5kg in 10 Tagen), sich gut fühlen & mehr in einer unterstützenden Community.


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Incentives for the leaders ranking?
As the dialogue continues around the structure of incentives for various achievement levels within organizations, it prompts a series of significant inquiries into existing reward systems. Although there has been considerable attention given to general performance incentives, one important area that has not been thoroughly explored concerns the specific rewards for leaders who consistently achieve top rankings on leaderboards. Are these rewards designed to promote ongoing high performance and foster leadership development? Additionally, are there any firsthand accounts or insights regarding the formulation and execution of such incentive programs? Contributions of such experiences could be immensely beneficial in evaluating their real-world impact and effectiveness.
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@Sebastian Holle It’s tricky, if you give to much, the more they proceed, the less interesting it would be for leaders ranking
3 Communities on Skool
I'm testing the two markets where I'm an expert. Legal Services and Real Estate for my own paid communities. 📈 But for my third community "Mighty Mentor" I'm going to make it Free and document everything I'm doing to grow these two other communities on Skool and How I'm marketing them with the goal of making passive affiliate income on the third. 🎯 ❓Is this an "All In Approach" or should I just promote the skool games?
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that is cool!
My Skool Review in German on LinkedIn
Hi community, I did a Skool review in German on LinkedIn: Tell me your thoughts and ideas about it? Thank you Website for giving me a tip!
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@Karl Bro wow Karl, you are a good motivator! Actually, yesterday, I created a channel. But it is still empty. Not a bad idea!
How I'm making $2,500/month from Skool affiliates (without effort)
Here are the 5 steps my team & I follow to effortlessly make $2,500/month with Skool. Step 1: I make a piece of content showing how Skool can genuinely solve a problem and I post that piece of content everywhere - my blog, email newsletter, FB, YT, IG, etc. Huge tip: If I ever see someone struggling with something, or if someone asks me a good question, rather than just DM'ing them the answer/solution, I'll make a video or write a blog post about it, then send them that piece of content and thank them for the idea. This makes creating content effortless and I'm guaranteed to make at least 1 person (the person who asked me the question) super happy. Step 2: In the piece of content I make, I tell people to DM me if they want 1 on 1 help (for free) to set up their Skool account properly and professionally. Step 3: I get someone on my team to DM them back and set up a Zoom call with them. Step 4: On the Zoom call, my team member has them sign up for Skool using my aff link, and then works with them for 30 min to set up their Skool community. I pay my team member $35 (nearly 100% of my first months aff commission) for this Skool set up job. Step 5: We repeat steps 1-4.
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It looks amazing! I'll give a try - however, I have written already a Skool review on LinkedIn, but no leads so far. I need to create more, I see. And really going deeply into problems. Where do you find those problems?
I've decided to go all in on skool, built a landing page to convert leads, and I only have 1 to 2 years to move out of my parents' house because I decided not to go to college. So, if this doesn't work out, I hope @Sam Ovens will be kind enough to let me stay at his house 😅
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@Nicolas Filali look, I am an experienced business person. For free is always a bad idea. You will run out. You will not be able to scale, you are dependent on others, etc. I also think, that only with affiliates it is not an easy one. Because if you bring people to skool and they look around other communities, the owner of the last community gets the refferal. However, to work as a service provider and setting up communities for someone else fits my knowledge. But I would not be a good marketer, if I have not tried it out by myself. What I am trying out now: I set up my own try and I try to automise the entering interests. After a while with enough people, I will start the other business to create communities for others. What is your plan?
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@David Mwamba actually, I dediced to go into the Skool game as Digital Marketing expert. I believe, I need to lead by example. So, I opened a free group for community building. Like that, I can introduce my business network into Skool and hopefully, there are some people doing their own community or outsourcing it to me. However, I think, it is the hardest way. But it made for me most sense, After that, I will start with my vision to create the biggest Greek Community inkl. open university on the Globe! How are you doing?
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