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Connecting to Stripe
Hey guys, I want to ensure I don't make a mistake when connecting with Stripe to receive affiliate payouts as did hear of someone who had an issue after he did it (Stripe closed his account). I already have a Stripe account that I use to receive payments, so when we press it will it connect to that one, or are we best of connecting to a new one? I know it's Stripe Express so not sure if that will be in my normal Stripe account or now. Have you all set it up and had no issues? I want to be careful I don't do something wrong that could cause an issue with me being able to use Stripe.. Thanks!
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Do some of you use YT to get skool affiliates?
if yes, can you drop a link please?
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Some advice please!
Hi Everyone, I am new to skool. I am planning to create a community that helps people to learn how to create wealth with ai.
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Affiliates Dashboard
Hey! Does anyone know how often the dashboard is updated?
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Delayed Trials.
Hey Guys, A quick questions. I have a couple of people on trial for over a month. Any ideas what might have happened that they can extend it or is it a glitch in the system?
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