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My latest FB post: about Skool and its 7 main benefits imho.
I speak a lot about skool around me and realize people have a lot of questions. I made a post this morning in my profile, in order to get interest (then lead them to my free community first). here it is, in case it helps someone. Also, I'd love to hear your own benefits / Skool. To edit it if needed. Bisous from Paris. " Friend: Anne, could you explain why you're such an advocate for SKOOL? Me: Certainly, I'd be happy to explain my enthusiasm for SKOOL. Let me summarize it in seven key points: 1- SKOOL is in its early stages of growth and development. As someone who values innovation, I enjoy being part of the early adopter community. 2- SKOOL Games, the community for community owners, possesses a unique collaborative ethos that I've not encountered elsewhere in recent years. 3- I admire the numerous high-level experts who bravely start afresh on SKOOL, challenging their established success on other platforms. 4- SKOOL offers simplicity and ease of use. It allows for swift community building and hosting of courses all in one place, with no advanced tech skills required. I was able to establish my community in under an hour. 5- SKOOL employs a unique gamification system where engagement is not only encouraged but rewarded, a feature I find particularly appealing. 6- I must admit, I've grown weary of managing Facebook groups and will be closing my main one soon. This is not a reflection on Facebook, but rather a personal choice. 7- Lastly, SKOOL provides an opportunity for me to reevaluate and potentially refine my business model. So, you might ask, is SKOOL the right platform for me? The best way to find out is to explore it for yourself. Send me your email via direct message and I'll provide you with a link to create a free account and join communities. I look forward to potentially seeing you on SKOOL. I predict it will be the leading platform by 2024, a statement I'm recording here for future reference. Bisous from Paris.
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Which niche you are in?
Curious to know which topics you have picked to promote Skool? I was all over but now narrowing down to a particular. Also leaving my obsession (only in my head) to promote Skool but focusing on genuinely helping people build the communities. Have you decided your niche?
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How I'm making $2,500/month from Skool affiliates (without effort)
Here are the 5 steps my team & I follow to effortlessly make $2,500/month with Skool. Step 1: I make a piece of content showing how Skool can genuinely solve a problem and I post that piece of content everywhere - my blog, email newsletter, FB, YT, IG, etc. Huge tip: If I ever see someone struggling with something, or if someone asks me a good question, rather than just DM'ing them the answer/solution, I'll make a video or write a blog post about it, then send them that piece of content and thank them for the idea. This makes creating content effortless and I'm guaranteed to make at least 1 person (the person who asked me the question) super happy. Step 2: In the piece of content I make, I tell people to DM me if they want 1 on 1 help (for free) to set up their Skool account properly and professionally. Step 3: I get someone on my team to DM them back and set up a Zoom call with them. Step 4: On the Zoom call, my team member has them sign up for Skool using my aff link, and then works with them for 30 min to set up their Skool community. I pay my team member $35 (nearly 100% of my first months aff commission) for this Skool set up job. Step 5: We repeat steps 1-4.
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How I'm going from Copywriter to a Skool Affiliate
The days of working as a copywriter are finally over! I'm going to the next level. I'll offer all kinds of online coaches a new and easier platform (Skool) to host their communities and courses... (With content marketing) "But Natan, where does your copywriting come in?" It's very simple, I cross sell them on a whole salesfunnel (completely optional for them ofc) On top of that, they can hire me to help them set up and manage their first community. (starting from $500/mo) I'll ofc streamline the whole process in the future (own community etc.) Btw, does anyone know if there's a maximum price for Skool memberships?
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Kia Ora!
Hi from New Zealand ! 🇳🇿 I got here by learning high-ticket sales with a group and then went looking for an offer in health. Then a section I neglected spoke to me in my settings "Referrals". 40% of $99 is not high-ticket. But MRR, a killer product, team and something I believe in. 👋 i'm in. Looking forward to growing and sharing, let's get people back 2 skool! 🚌💨 ps. I just attached where I am at. 1) my basic intro (vsl) and 2) idea of a onboarding process
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