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Help: How would you refer ...
I would like to have your opinion, if you like! I have a small email list with 550 members and 4000 cold email list (Greek speaking). I don't use social media accounts, I worked only with paid ads and email marketing funnel. There are just a few communities in the Greek Market yet. What is your opinion promoting skool as affiliate? About email funnels? Paid ads? How they should be? Please feel free to help ... Thanks a lot, greetings from Greece - Pelopones - Crete
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Help: How would you refer ...
Simple Skool Affiliate Funnel
Step 1: Create content on YouTube Step 2: Build your own community Step 3: Help people set up their Skool community. Repeat it for three months. I am starting a 30-day YouTube challenge in my community and will repeat this process. I recommend you do the same. All the best.
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Simple Skool Affiliate Funnel
Skool referring
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Did somebody have a specific skool funnel?
Hello friends! I wonder if anyone here in the group has posted a funnel so the rest of us can get an idea!
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Instagram Strategy
I'm building an Instagram page to promote Skool Games and directing all the traffic to my landing page, hoping visitors will sign up. share what you are doing..
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Instagram Strategy
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