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Morning everyone! I am reasonably new to facilitation and the company I work for are the same. In recent months I have been asked to facilitate more and more discussions and workshops to support the business in optimising their time together and ensuring we come away with the desired outcomes. I am naturally outcomes focussed and enjoy helping others. My organisation is recognising this skill and have asked me to facilitate a virtual, 30 person Strategy Review session and I’m wondering how I can gently introduce such a large group (for me!!) to workshopping techniques and get to the end result, without losing them (or my cool!) along the way! Any advice would be much appreciated. I think I’m looking for a balance of structured discussion, which they’re comfortable and some easy to manage activities to ensure we have all the data we need to review our progress and potential opportunities for our long term objectives. Thanks in advance. 🙂



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    @Javier von Westphalen Thank you. I’ve made a huge dent in the session planning now and feeling far more comfortable with what I’m doing. It’s looking very similar to LDJ session with a few tweaks. Really welcome the reassurance that I’m on the right track though thank you.

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