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we serve to HEAL. we heal to LOVE. we love to LIVE. we live to SERVE. we serve to be aLIVE.
New comment May 17
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We're doing it again! (🔥HUGE Announcement!)
Hey my friend, We are very EXCITED to announce... we are NOW taking applications to become a FREE "beta tester" in our 3 week coaching program - "The Conscious Business Accelerator" This is for you if you have… (or want to create)… a “high vibe” business, online. Just like what you see, all of us doing... an online business build around your calling in life and service to others. This is a 3-week group coaching program that includes - Step-by-step curriculum - LIVE coaching from Mat, Aaron, and Victor (me :) - Private mastermind group And you are invited to join for FREE, as a beta tester… 🎉 all we ask in return is a testimonial if you like the experience. >>> APPLY FOR OUR PROGRAM HERE This new program is designed to help you create a “solid foundation” which will drastically accelerate your progress. So what does it mean to have a solid “online business foundation?” Well, it actually begins with YOU. 1) Your beliefs… (are your subconscious beliefs supporting you… or holding you back?) 2) Your confidence... (are you confident in yourself and your ability to create a successful business & deliver quality results to your clients and customers?) 3) Your skills... (Do you possess the communication, leadership, and business skills to succeed?) If you are interested in improving in any of those 3 areas, this program will be a game-changer! ALSO… In addition to all of that we will be teaching you our cutting-edge business model that works wonders for conscious business owners, which is, people who not only want to succeed... but do so with the highest integrity and authenticity. So, if this sounds like something you want to be a part of, you can apply below to join :) >>> APPLY FOR OUR PROGRAM HERE And don’t worry… it’s not a crazy application process. But we want to make sure to work with people who are serious and willing to put in the time and energy to get awesome results.
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Whooo!!! Im in.
Pray for me re: decisions and/or open to a roommate or roommates
Does anyone need a roommate? I’m open to moving out of Dallas but if want to live in Dallas that’s ok too. I have a small dog and indoor outdoor cat. We are possibly moving into a cheaper apt in Dallas but haven’t signed a new lease yet but might want a roommate at either place. Possibly open to moving out of Texas again soon. If approved might move into the new cheaper apt this weekend
New comment May 2
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Yes, i have 2 spare rooms. But in England. Uk Or even as a holiday let.
Aaron and Victor have inspired me to go FULL Time On YOUTUBE with Network marketing
They have inspired me to use YouTube to grow my network marketing business as my full time purpose business! Thank you!! Here is one of my videos that is doing well! :)
New comment May 15
Aaron and Victor have inspired me to go FULL Time On YOUTUBE with Network marketing
2 likes • May 2
HUGE Opportunity!
Hey my friend, Next month, Aaron, Mat, and I are rolling out our brand NEW program! This is for "conscious entrepreneurs" - who either have...or want to create... a high-vibe online business. So that's coaches, healers, psychics, and thought leaders... This NEW program, is going to help you... 1) Break Through Limiting Beliefs: There are SOO many powerful people we've worked with that... have the calling, KNOW they are destined for this... have the skills (the soul depth to become an AMAZING helper) but are stuck... due to limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and fear of their own power. This program will help you finally rid your consciousness of those negative mind patterns... and replace them with new and empowering ones that will set you up for success and momentum! 2) Learn Essential Leadership Skills: Another thing we've noticed is that many people that we've taught the "business side" of things to... still lack the confidence, or... simply have never been taught how to hold space, guide, lead, and deliver life-changing results to their clients and customers. This program will help you with that essential skill set so that you can step into your power and shine your light into the world...with confidence and mastery! 3) Understand The SIMPLE FTP Formula None of that will do you any good if you don't know how to run a business, especially an online business which is very unique. So we will also teach you how to grow an online following, craft an offer to service your audience so you can help them more deeply AND earn a great income... and lastly, automate many areas of your business so you can "work" like Aaron, Mat, and I work... Which is... not that much! and also when we want... and ONLY on the things we are truly passionate about! This new program is 100% FREE to join and ALSO includes... 3 Weeks of LIVE coaching with Mat, Aaron, and me! BUT there is a catch... you must apply for this beta tester position.
New comment May 2
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Count me in. Extreamly grateful for this opportunity wont be missingeven one second of it.
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Property dealer & Sourcer. BMV, rent to rent, SA, Leases, BTL & Sourcing. Happy to co- source, & JOINT VENTURE Looking for buyers in GLASGOW just NOW.

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