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Arin Darcan
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Bio: I help agency owners build out internal calling teams to solve their clients' lead follow up for good!
Aleksa Sretenovic
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Bio: 18 Yo, born and living in Serbia.
Kyran K
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Bio: :)
Hunter Larson
Fort Collins, Colorado • ESTJ
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Bio: Media buyer for local contractors. | We don't achieve goals, we achieve characters. | Improve your cold calling:
Elijah Kim
Texas, USA
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Michael Mignogna
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Bio: I run the most innovative contractor marketing agency in the world and I love helping other SMMA owners become wildly successful doing the same!
Gusten Sun
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Bio: Original Funnel Grandmaster #001 | Founder of
Christian Kofod Riber Kjær
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Bio: I run a buisness with my best friend. Here to grow in life and mind!
Nikolaj Ølholm
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Bio: CRM, Marketing Automation, Process automation
Charlie Morgan
Dubai • INTJ
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Bio: Imperium Acquisition | EasyGrow
Nicholas Tan
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Bio: Agency Owner & Coach
Quinn Nolan
Los Angeles, CA
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Bio: Bio.
Pavel Ketsuk
Medellin Colombia
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Bio: Full time digital nomad 🌎 Agency Owner Empowering Others
Max Perzon
Sweden • INFJ
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Bio: Helping People Launch & Grow Profitable Skool Communities.
Alex Christophersen
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James Bonadies
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Bio: An SMMA Coach and consultant for over 7,000 agencies since 2017, but my most important accomplishment is my family!
Kasper Knudsen
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Morten Sjælland
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Martin Christophersen
Co-Owner of Madia - Helping roofing business reach the sky!

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