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Aleksa Sretenovic
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Bio: 18 Yo, born and living in Serbia.
Christian Kofod Riber Kjær
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Bio: I run a buisness with my best friend. Here to grow in life and mind!
Aaron Reynolds
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Bio: Helping Local Lead Generation Agencies get to $50,000 MRR in 3 months and all Done For You
Abdul Rehman
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Bio: Organic
Jeppe Emery Høystad
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Bio: Fase i min vej til succes: Ekspertviden
Nikolaj Ølholm
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Bio: CRM, Marketing Automation, Process automation
Ryan Isaac
Montreal, Canada • INFJ
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Bio: Growth specialist @ Ryze acquisition
Ruben Andersen
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Bio: Hey!
Peter Tomlinson
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Bio: Agency Owner.
Sarah Rodriguez
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Bio: marketing for netflix and working on building my own agency on the side
Andreas Falsig
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Bio: Automating Online Business Coaches' entire SoMe Dm💬 Appointment Booking System, and increasing show rate & Conversion Rate📈💸
Alex Christophersen
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Martin Christophersen
Co-Owner of Madia - Helping roofing business reach the sky!

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