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ChatGPT Blocked By YouTube
Interesting....I went to pull in some information from a Youtube video today using a ChatGPT plugin, and it would not return anything. So I tried another plugin, and it said that the Robots.txt file on YouTube was blocking access.
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Google and big Tech is all about the money and will do anything to swing it to there side ,it will happen more and more as they want to dominate what created on the internet
Create Videos Using Prompts With AI Video Generation Software
Ever wondered how AI can help you create YouTube videos? Well, I've got you covered. 🎥 In this video, I dive deep into an AI video generator that's a game-changer for content creators. Whether you're looking to make explainer videos, top 10 lists, or even custom scripts, this tool has got it all. 🛠️ 👉 Watch the video here Why should you watch it? - Learn how to create videos using AI voice and stock footage 🗣️🎞️ - Discover customisation and editing options that will blow your mind 🤯 - Get insights into how you can save time and still produce high-quality content ⏰✨ Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe if you find the video helpful. Your support is gratefully received🙏 Catch you in the comments section! 💬 Cheers Jason
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Wow it great thanks for sharing \ Update - Import YouTube Videos Into Your AI ChatBots 📺
Hi everyone. As promised, we started making a ton of updates to and one of the first ones the team has made is the ability to import YouTube videos into your AI powered chatbot! 📺 + 🤖 = 🥳 I think this opens up a world of possibilities to rapidly put together a really useful AI Chatbot using either your own, or other people's Videos 🙌 Feel free to try it out yourself at
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Amazing it looks great
Custom Instructions
Thanks for update and have applied it
A Big Thank You To You All 🙏
Hi everyone 👋 I'm currently in Turkey, today's my birthday and I always like to reflect a little. This year has been such fun so far thanks to what effectively amounts to the launch of AI to the masses! At the end of last year I had already made up a plan for 2023 which subsequently went out the window thanks to Open AI 😄 By March I created after months of playing with Chat GPT day and night. Now we are about to hit 1000 sales of the training program 🥳 Thank you to everyone that put their trust in me, I truly appreciate it 🙏 I started this group this year too and thanks to some amazing individuals who are brilliant communicators, it's built to over 7,000 members. Honestly, there are some really talented people in this group and once again, I'm so grateful for all of you here. Timing has been a great part of my success over the years, and right now with AI we all have a chance to grow our businessess exponentially 📈 I'm going to continue to work hard making the best content I can and do what I can to give as much value to everyone here. The next part of that process is to build into the best AI Chatbot platform for individuals and resellers alike. 💪 Thank you everyone 🙌🥰
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Happy Birthday,May you have many more to come
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